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I love Techno music, or Electronica. However, I have a few gripes with techno music that I set out and try and change, or "Re-Define."

  • Repetitiveness.
  • Lack of creativity.
  • Constant re-use of instruments/synths.


Techno songs have a terrible history of having very repetitive sections or beats. I aim in every techno song I write to make my song fresh, with nothing ever repeating more than 2 times. With a new element being added every 2 "measures," my songs stay fresh and the listener will not get tired listening to the same beat over and over and over again.

Lack of creativity

I have listened to many techno songs and while a lot of them are full of creativity, there are quite a few that are re-hashes of older songs or just lack any type of musical creativity. To solve this problem with my music, I add real instruments such as a piano, guitar, and cello into my songs and write my music with a specific feel or tone in mind. I write the song to make sure it adhere's to that tone throughout, almost like I am telling a story through the song. In every new song I make, I aim to add a new element that none of my other songs have had before. My goal is to keep my songs as fresh and new as possible.

Constant re-use of instruments/synths

If you listen to one Electronica artist, you may notice he/she uses the exact same synth or instrument throughout almost all of their songs. I personally get tired of the same instrument/synth over and over again, which is why I strive to use new instruments and synths in every song I write. I occasionally will use the same instrument or synth, but I will try and use it in a new way. My goal is to have each and every song create their own unique feel.


Im currently a student at Lawrence Technological University studying Computer Science. I write music as a hobby, but if given the oppurtunity, I would love to write music professionally. Downloading my music is completley free, but if you really enjoyed it, a small donation is appreciated. Feel free to copy these songs to your mp3 player, send them to other people, or burn them to a CD.

I write my songs with my Roland XP-60 Workstation keyboard paired with FLStudio4. I use a Soundblaster Audigy 2 paired with Logitech Z-680 speakers. I also use Grado SR-80's for late night writing. Because I try to keep my techno fresh, I also use my B.C. Rich Warlock electric guitar in "Midnight Rave" and "Undiscovered Tune", and my cello in "Deception" and "The Awakening". I have also used my Ovation Acoustic guitar in "Midnight Rave" and "Twisted System".
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