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Changes made to Media Database program will be logged here.

> Last Updated: April 28th, 2008
Change Log

> - Version: 1.93

- Import/Export feature has been implemented! Exporting will allow you to export each media type to an excel spreadsheet. Importing requires you to download a template excel file and send that excel file to me so I can import it into the database.

> - Version: 1.92

- Additional movie genres have been added.

> - Version: 1.91

- "VHS" and "Digital" formats have been added. The "Digital" format refers to digital media stored on your computer or media device.

> - Version: 1.90

- Movie section revamped with genre, watched status, ratings, and notes for a more complete db experience!
- Google ads have been implemented in order to provide support for this application. A donation of $5 or more will remove all ads for both the desktop version and iPhone version of Media Database forever.

> - Version: 1.84

- Autocomplete will now suggest titles of movies and games, as well as authors that you already have in your collection.
- Additional Javascript enchancements.

> - Version: 1.81

- Books section added!
- General code cleanup.
- Javascript tweaks for a better user experience.
- iPhone version of Media DB available here.

> - Version: 1.72

- Added "Game Boy" and "Dreamcast" Support.
- Added confirmation of deleting movies/games.
- Added "Strategy," "Platformer," "FPS," "Simulation," and "Survival Horror" to the genre category.
- Changed "GC" and "DS" to "Gamecube" and "Nintendo DS" respectively.
- Fixed "Latest Movies/Games" page.
- Additional security enhancements.

> - Version: 1.7

- Feature: Personal DB's are new viewable to the public!
- Feature: "My Tools" - The My Tools tabe houses many useful tools, such as sending your DB to friends and family, and changing your account details.
- Added additional genres to games DB.
- Added "PS1" to console list.
- Enhanced Showing of Media: Show only certain types of media by selecting the format type, console, or genre.
- Additional bug fixes.

> - Version: 1.62

- Added Blu-ray support.

> - Version: 1.61

- Additional security enhancements and bug fixes.

> - Version: 1.6

- Games section added!
- New tabbed interface.
- Dyamically displays game statistics (knows which consoles you have).
- Radio buttons are now sticky (they remember your settings).

> - Version: 1.5

- Open Registration: Now anyone can create their own unique DB!
- More security enhancements.
- Changed Favicon.
- Additional bug fixes.

> - Version: 1.38

- Enhanced Security with ecrypted cookies.
- Show added title after adding.
- Feature: Latest Movies. Alows the user to view the latest movies added by a specific amount.

> - Version: 1.32

- Checks to see if title already exist when adding to the DB.
- Added Auto-Login system: cookies remain active for 30 days.

> - Version: 1.3

- Added user-privileges system.
- Public users can only search and show the DB.
- Admin's can add, edit, and delete movies from the DB.

> - Version: 1.21

- Fixed displaying of the Database.
- Added "Movie Databse Statistics."

> - Version: 1.2

- Changed edit link to a picture link.
- Added the ability to delete from edit page.
- Enchanced search ability to give more accurate results.
- Fixed "Date Added" on search results.
- Changed wording on returned search queries.

> - Version: 1.13

- Edit feature implemented.
- Few minor bug fixes.

> - Version: 1.1

- Added search feature.
- Fixed date innaccuracies.
- Better error handling

> - Version: 1.0 (beta)

- Initial release.
- Added title with format implemented.
- MySQL Data structure completed.